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Corset Sizing

A: Bust:   Measure around the fullest part of the bust while wearing a supportive, unpadded bra.

B: Underbust:   Measure directly below your bust.

C: Waist:   Measure around the skeletal waist, between the ribs and hip bones.

D: High hip:   Measure around your hips at the point where your torso meets your legs, and your legs bend when sitting.

E: Full hips:   Measure your hips at the fullest point.

F: Torso length:   Measure from the underbust line to the high hip.

F1: Underbust to waist. Measure from the underbust line to the skeletal waist line.

F2: Waist to hip. Measure from skeletal waistline to high hip.

G: Bra size

H: Height

Once your order has been received we will contact you via email for your measurements and to discuss any special requirements, for example if you are an experienced tightlacer and require a specific size of corset.

If you are struggling to find the position of your skeletal waist it can help to tie a string around your waist.

Measurements should be taken over an unpadded bra, preferably not after a full meal. When taking measurements around the body take care that the tape measure does not slip down, it should be snug but not too tight.

It may be useful to have someone help you to measure to insure they are as accurate as possible.

Double check all your measurements. If there are any you are unsure of feel free to ask our advice.

Cage lingerie sizing

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